Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About Maureen

My philosophy:

As a birth doula, my philosophy is to support, inform, and guide you through your own journey.  I will provide evidence based information and resources to help you make decisions about your birth, supporting you every step of the way, from the prenatal stages through labor and delivery to the postpartum period.  Whether planning a birth at a hospital, birth center, or home, the presence of a doula can be a great asset to a birthing woman and her partner.

Why I doula:

As I reflected on my two childbirth experiences, one a hospital birth and one in my home, I developed a passionate desire t help mothers and their partners during this powerful life altering experience.  I wanted to be able to support and educate families when they are faced with pregnancy and birth related decisions.  With access to reliable unbiased information they wool have the best possible birth… their birth.  After some contemplation and research, I discovered they had a name for what I felt I needed to do… doula.